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Customers today seek continuous assurance that their data, privacy, and information assets are secured and protected. In modern B2B relationships, providing Customer Assurance (CAx)™ is mission-critical to growth and long-term success. We help assure your customers that their security, privacy, and GRC priorities are taken seriously, throughout the lifecycle of your organization’s growth.

Based out of San Francisco, California, SecurityPal has rapidly established itself as the partner of choice in delivering customer assurance to Fortune 500 and Global 2000 brands.

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Completing security reviews and questionnaires can be a cumbersome process that hinders revenue, growth, and innovation. With SecurityPal’s industry-recognized Questionnaire Concierge, get completed security reviews  in hours, not days. Your dedicated security & GRC analysts empower you to stay focused on what drives your business forward.

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Knowledge Library

The kind of know-it-all you'll love.

Stop chasing multiple departments for security reviews. SecurityPal’s Knowledge Library is your continuously updated single source of truth for all your customer facing information security and GRC posture.

Intuitive & adaptive knowledge management.

Effortlessly tag, store, schedule reviews and collaborate on your Q&A pairs, policy documents, and evidence. Integrate this with top-tier intelligence sourced from our in-house AI and Security Analysts, guaranteeing your Knowledge Library stays aligned to your evolving posture.

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SecurityPal Copilot

A powerful assistant for security, GRC, and RFP questionnaires available at your fingertips. Ask specific questions and get a drafted response back within seconds. Powered by AI, verified by humans, SecurityPal Copilot helps you quickly handle small requests from companies inquiring about your security and GRC posture.

Available on Slack, Teams or anywhere your team communicates.
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Lead With Assurance
Demonstrate Customer Assurance in the age of Zero Trust

Customer Assurance begins before the questionnaire. Navigate the peaks and valleys of the customer assurance journey with a simple, single-page profile that reflects the strength of your security and GRC posture. Seamlessly deflect unnecessary security review requests while automatically routing critical questionnaire requests for rapid completion. Securely share private documents, policies, and evidence with approved stakeholders using our NDA flow.

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Build Resilience, Mitigate Risk
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How do you effectively manage an extensive
vendor list? Having answered more than
1,310,000 questions, we possess deep insights into contemporary security threats and risks across various industries. Allow us to handle the intricacies of your vendor security review process and do the heavy lifting needed to ensure your peace of mind.

A dedicated
security Analyst attaché with

Periodic State of the Security Union reports, recommendations on improving the security posture, knowledge library health checks and so much more. Get access to top security talent and take strategic initiatives towards your security and GRC posture.

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SecurityPal has processed
over 87% of the F500

>$223 million of Enterprise Value Impacted*

SecurityPal supports hundreds of formats, portals, and other custom needs of the world's leading organizations. From niche regulatory guidelines to complex organizational workflows, SecurityPal is the only enterprise-ready solution built to flex, support, and scale for today's security-sensitive buyer.

*We helped our customers create, accelerate, or support substantial enterprise value based on the volume of commercial transactions that flow through our Customer Assurance (CAx) platform.
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Unrivaled Customer experience.
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Get Peace of Mind

SecurityPal's 150+ experienced security and GRC experts globally provide exceptional security expertise and unbeatable customer service.

Our Security Operations Command Center (SOCC) runs 24/7 to deliver you incomparable peace of mind.

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Stay ahead with unparalleled
customer assurance

SecurityPal’s Customer Assurance Management Platformis the first solution of its kind. We have unified hundreds of years of collective security expertise and GRC experience with an intuitive, simple, and secure software offering. But we didn’t just stop there. We have also thoughtfully layered on cutting-edge machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques at precise points of the overall Customer Assurance (CAx)™ journey.

It's like someone preparing my lunch and bringing it to me. SecurityPal is even easier than that. It's such a unique offering. Other SaaS solutions we've worked with have always led to disappointment and SecurityPal was the complete opposite experience.
Hanna Graziano
Sr. Director, Solutions Consulting & Technical Sales
I took a few weeks off at the end of the year. SecurityPal ensured it was the first time I didn't have to worry about some gigantic questionnaires popping up in my inbox and taking me away from my family. Now I can just take time and relax. I'm really appreciative of that.
Tyler Glotz
Senior Security Analyst
SecurityPal is a massive timesaver. A total no-brainer for any sales, engineering or security organization.
Peter Kazanjy
Co-Founder & CRO
Now with SecurityPal, forecasting is a lot more precise. We are able to see what's happening with the deal because we know exactly when we can get these Security Questionnaires back. It's simple and delivers.
Daisy Chung
Director of Sales
One time we needed to get a security review done in about six hours. SecurityPal was able to jump in and push it to the top of their list. They returned it within three hours. Finding SecurityPal was just a dream come true.
Gal Oppenheimer
Dir. of Solutions Architects

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