Navigate the terrain of security reviews with unmatched speed and precision

The fastest, most accurate security assessments, powered by advanced AI and always-on certified global experts.

Why SecurityPal?

Trusted by the world's most innovative and fastest-growing companies, SecurityPal pioneers Customer Assurance for global enterprises. We uniquely combine cutting-edge software, AI technologies, and an always-on team of certified experts in our industry-leading Security Operations Command Center (SOCC) to streamline the security review process. Having processed over 87% of the Fortune 500 security questions, our solutions save thousands of hours spent on security, privacy, and GRC reviews.

  • Advanced Technology and Expertise: Integrating advanced technologies and AI with certified global experts, we’re able to provide the fastest compliant and precise security reviews.
  • Comprehensive Customer Assurance: Our platform integrates security, privacy, and compliance, accelerating transactions and building lasting trust with partners and customers.
  • Proven Impact: Clients report faster, more accurate security processes, resulting in faster deal closes and streamlined operations.

Our Solutions

Customer Assurance Suite: Your Toolkit for Security Excellence
Customer Assurance safeguards data, ensuring privacy, security, and compliance—essential for trust, reputation, and regulatory adherence. Our Customer Assurance (CAx)™ Suite offers an all-in-one, integrated platform that empowers organizations to efficiently manage security, privacy, and GRC reviews, ensuring faster, more reliable sales transactions and robust vendor assessments.
security measures
Strong, transparent security measures
Data protection
Protection of data, privacy, and information assets
sustainable growth is driven by trust and compliance
Sustainable growth driven by trust and compliance

Questionnaire Concierge

Fast-track your security, GRC, and privacy reviews with responses ready in as little as a day.
Fastest Completion

Fastest Completion

24 hour completion or faster.
AI and certified experts

AI+ & Certified Experts

Backed by cutting-edge AI and always-on certified security experts.
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Assurance Profile

Showcase your security strengths in a simple, powerful one-page profile to customers, partners, and prospects.
customizable platforms

Customizable Platform

Align your assurance profile with your brand’s narrative.
interactive portal

Interactive Portal

A dynamic platform for engaging customers and stakeholders.
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Knowledge Library

Manage and enrich your security knowledge base with our AI-driven insights and expert analysis.
review cycles

Review Cycles

Implement review cycles to keep your security posture up-to-date and reliable.
version history

Version History

Easily track changes and updates for all Q&A pairs and documents.
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Copilot (AI)

Access instant, AI-assisted responses for all your security, privacy, and GRC queries.
AI drive assistance

AI-Driven Assistance

Leverage AI for crafting targeted, precise security responses.
Bulk Question Handling

Bulk Question Handling

Tackle multiple queries efficiently.
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Vendor Assess (TPRM)

Leverage our experience from answering ~2 million questions to streamline your vendor security review process.
Enhanced Assessment

Enhanced Assessment

In-depth scrutiny for critical vendor partnerships.


Detailed, insightful reports with practical recommendations.
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Security Operations Command Center

Our global SOCC ensures unparalleled global support 24/7. Staffed by over 150 multilingual, certified professionals in cybersecurity, we operate with zero outsourcing to safeguard your digital assets with precision and integrity.
Honorary US Ambassador Visiting SecurityPal with Pukar Hamal, CEO and founder of SecurityPal

Global 24/7 Operations.
 Available Globally.

Our command center operates 24/7 to serve our global clients around the world. Our employees speak multiple languages and are entrenched in the global cybersecurity community.
SecurityPal team Working together

World Class Talent Within Reach.

SecurityPal’s SOCC employs 150+ FTE Security Analysts, Security Engineers, and GRC Professionals entirely in-house with zero outsourcing.

Reliable.  Secure.

The SOCC facility has strong security measures in place including data protection and controlled access. We’re also committed to sustainable operations.