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Unlocking Speed and Accuracy - How Security & GRC professionals can build a single source of truth for security reviews

Are scattered documents slowing down your security reviews? Discover how SecurityPal can help you build a single source of truth.
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A Comprehensive Guide to Navigating the Modern B2B Landscape with Customer Assurance

SecurityPal's Customer Assurance Platform (CAx) is designed to streamline your security review process, elevate your security posture, and build trust with your stakeholders, customers, prospects, and vendors. Download to learn more.
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Navigating Security Questionnaires - A Guide for Information Security Teams

Download our comprehensive guide on streamlining Security Questionnaires for InfoSec teams.
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Find answers to common questions about SecurityPal’s solutions, security practices, and implementation processes.
What is Customer Assurance?
Customer Assurance is about providing your customers with confidence and certainty in your ability to keep them safe, secure, and protected. SecurityPal helps organizations deliver unmatched Customer Assurance (CAx™) to help companies build lasting and durable partnerships. SecurityPal removes blockers to scale and absorbs the complex and challenging points of friction that stand in the way of lasting growth by combining products and services with the cutting-edge expertise today’s companies demand to navigate the complex, nuanced, and ever-evolving terrain of delivering customer assurance.
Does SecurityPal outsource?
No. SecurityPal employs 150+ full-time employees including 100+ certified security & GRC analysts across the globe.
Does SecurityPal answer portal questionnaires?
Yes, SecurityPal answers portal questionnaires. SecurityPal has already processed over 280 types of different portal questionnaires since its inception.
What are the types of security questionnaires supported by SecurityPal?
SecurityPal answers questionnaires in all kinds of formats including Excel, Word, Google Sheets, Google Docs, PDF, Portals, and more. Our Questionnaire Concierge supports all portal-based questionnaires including One Trust Portal, Archer, ServiceNow, ProcessUnity, Prevalent, and Whistic Portal.
What compliance certifications does SecurityPal hold?
SecurityPal is compliant with CCPA, SOC 2 Type 2 and GDPR. Our security analysts have certifications including Certified Information Systems Security Professional, Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator, Certified Ethical Hacker, CCNA Cyber Ops, Network Security Associate, CyberArk Certified Trustee, and more.
What services does SecurityPal offer?
SecurityPal’s Customer Assurance (CAx™) Suite offers an all-in-one, integrated approach that empowers organizations to efficiently manage security, privacy, and GRC reviews, ensuring faster, more reliable sales transactions and robust vendor assessments. Designed for CISOs, GRC, and Revenue leaders, our suite addresses the complex challenges of modern cybersecurity and compliance demands. SecurityPal’s offerings include Questionnaire Concierge, Assurance Profile, Knowledge Library, Vendor Assess (TPRM), and SecurityPal Copilot.
Is SecurityPal’s Customer data used to train language models?
How fast can SecurityPal answer security questionnaires?
With Concierge Prime, we can complete security questionnaires in as little as 24 hours.
Where is SecurityPal located?
SecurityPal is headquartered in San Francisco, California. Our Security Operations Command Center (SOCC) is located in Kathmandu, Nepal.
What is Questionnaire Concierge?
SecurityPal's Questionnaire Concierge is designed to reduce costs and boost your revenue by delivering precise and swift questionnaire completions. It’s main features include: <24-Hour Turnaround with Concierge Prime ~2 Million Questions Answered, including 87% from the Fortune 500 150+ Full-Time Security & GRC Analysts.
What is Vendor Assess?
With Vendor Assess, SecurityPal helps businesses assess their vendor partners and monitor their security posture in real-time by running regularly scheduled assessments of your vendor partners to ensure they comply with your security standards.
What is Copilot?
SecurityPal Copilot transforms the way you handle security inquiries, enabling your team to focus on high-priority tasks while ensuring every question is answered accurately and efficiently. Key features of SecurityPal Copilot include: AI-Driven Assistance Bulk Question Handling Multilingual Capabilities Knowledge Library Integration.
What is Knowledge Library?
Designed for effortless integration and ease of use, the Knowledge Library keeps your security posture accurate and actionable, empowering your team to focus on what matters most. Key Features: Review Cycles for up-to-date reliability Advanced Tagging for efficient organization Ownership Assignments for clear responsibilities Version History for tracking changes.
What is Altitude Report?
SecurityPal’s Altitude Report breaks down the walls between security questionnaires and more strategic business initiatives. A dedicated Security Analyst provides qualitative and quantitative questionnaire trends with strategic recommendations to improve your security posture.
What is Assurance Profile?
With SecurityPal’s Assurance Profile, reduce the volume of security questionnaires and accelerate your process. Our unique integration with Questionnaire Concierge ensures immediate action on necessary reviews, saving time and enhancing efficiency. It empowers you to communicate your security strengths and GRC posture confidently, deflecting unnecessary queries and prioritizing essential security reviews. Key Features: Customizable platform to match your brand Interactive portal for engaging customers, Control with custom subdomain options, Version history for up-to-date information, Clickwrap NDA.
Are there integrations with CRM, Slack/Teams?
SecurityPal Copilot supports integrations with any collaborative tool that your team uses.
How do you handle document / evidence collection?
SecurityPal organizes documents and evidence from the client in their respective Knowledge Libraries.
How does SecurityPal handle questionnaires across multiple product lines and methods of deployment (cloud, on prem)?
Based on the client’s needs, SecurityPal can dedicate multiple Knowledge Libraries for multiple product lines and methods of deployments. We also have a tagging feature within our app that helps the users tag specific information into buckets for easier accessibility.
Does SecurityPal provide any translation services if we need a questionnaire answered in another language?
Yes, SecurityPal answers questionnaires in multiple languages including Japanese, Spanish, German, French, and more.
Can SecurityPal provide customized reporting of KPIs and trend data for security questionnaires?
Yes, SecurityPal can create custom reports for our clients based on their specific needs.
Do you support SSO?
Yes, SecurityPal supports all the major SSO providers like Google, Microsoft, Okta and many more.
How many people can access or leverage the SecurityPal App?
There is an unlimited number of user access to the SecurityPal App for clients based on their needs.
Does SecuirtyPal’s Assurance Profile have an NDA feature?
Yes, SecurityPal has a Clickwrap NDA feature in its Assurance Profile.
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