September 20, 2022

Announcing SecurityPal: Putting the Focus Back on Revenue

Security Reviews are breaking your growth plans.

They certainly did for me.

As a previous founder and revenue leader, I spent countless nights and weekends at prior companies consumed by security reviews and questionnaires in the enterprise sales process.

All I wanted was to provide a great solution to our customers and secure deals across the finish line. However, each review meant starting from scratch with thousands of onerous questions that stole time from winning deals, protecting the company, and delivering value to our waiting customers.

Searching for a solution revealed a common approach amongst vendors: the all-too-familiar automation and “AI.” At first this sounded amazing. But I quickly discovered these solutions created tons of confusing workflows and were rarely if ever as fast as my team just manually doing it themselves. And the “AI”... well let’s just say there was plenty of ‘A’ but not quite enough ‘I’ to just get this done.

Simply put, they did not truly just complete the Security Review.

I realized that countless founders, security, and revenue leaders also faced challenges with a broken security review process. Companies buying new software have genuine and valid concerns about ensuring all their vendors are secure, compliant, and do not pose a risk to their business. And vendors  selling software want to create a smooth buying experience without derailing the commercial engagement and delaying the critical onboarding timeline for their customers on the path to creating substantial enterprise value.

It’s not optional, either.

Deciding not to participate or choosing to deflect through clever and slick software can put entire partnerships and trust at risk. I have witnessed big deals blow up because of mishandling of the security review process. It’s pretty painful to witness up close.

I knew there had to be a better solution than being drowned in workflow-heavy software and what one prominent CISO described as “death by a 1000 questions.”

That’s why a little over two years ago, during the onset of the world-changing global pandemic, I sat down in my home-office (read: corner of my tiny 1-bedroom San Francisco apartment) to build SecurityPal.

At the time, I didn’t have any funding, press coverage or the pomp and circumstance that exists at the onset of building a company. But I did have something perhaps more significant than all of that – a deep desire to solve this problem + an early cohort of paying customers. In fact, one customer signed up before I had even completed SecurityPal’s incorporation documents.  

With their support, I was able to bootstrap. I would spend all day working my day job and during my nights and weekends I would manually fill out the security reviews of my customers so I could intimately understand and empathize with the problem they were facing with existing solutions.

Customers appreciated the first-principles approach we were taking and also that we did not have a hidden agenda. We were just interested in solving their problem. We just wanted to help them win deals and save time.

We knew that if we can help our customers win more deals faster, it meant more recurring revenue in the door to support their growth. And if we can save our customers time, then they can deploy those precious hours to securing renewals, building stronger customer relationships, forecasting with precision, mitigating risks, blocking threats, unlocking more TAM, and simply creating more enterprise value for all us.

SecurityPal is the only all-in-one consolidated solution on the market that combines bleeding-edge, yet simple, customer-facing technology with in-house squadrons of trained, equipped, and efficient “security analysts in-the-loop” to effectively solve the security review process once and for all.

Today, we are proud to announce our exit from stealth alongside news of our Series A funding of $21M led by Craft Ventures with participation from Martin Casado at Andreessen Horowitz and dozens of elite angel investors including Frederic Kerrest, Executive Vice Chairman, Co-Founder, and COO at Okta (NASDAQ: OKTA), and Anne Raimondi, COO at Asana (NYSE: ASAN), Iman Abuzeid, CEO of Incredible Health, and Dev Nag, Founder/CTO of Wavefront acquired by VMware Inc (NYSE: VMW), to carve the fastest path to closed-won.

Built for Revenue, Loved by Security

By giving customer-facing, security, and GRC teams access to our army of always-on Security Analysts and simple + efficient self-serve features in our Answer Library, we’re delivering the first white-glove American Express-like concierge service with the speed and efficacy of Amazon Prime for the world’s ever increasing and more complex security reviews.

With SecurityPal, you literally wake up to completed security reviews in your inbox. And our customers agree with our intuitive and no BS approach.

"SecurityPal is easily one of the best investments we have made. They have quickly demonstrated comprehension of our security program and help us explain it to our customers. This has allowed our security team to focus on high-leverage investments in security and our sales team to win more customers faster."
Dev Akawe
Head of Security | Figma

Customers also enjoy the ROI and clear cost savings of their own teams re-focusing on revenue generating endeavors:

"The resources I have on the team can be better used elsewhere doing something creative... SecurityPal means we can expedite and work around scalability without necessarily having to hire. SecurityPal is an extension of our team."
Eduardo Ynaty
Senior Solutions Engineering Manager |

A partnership with SecurityPal means you don’t just get a tool, you get an actual team and a solution that can weather the storm of any security review, in any format, at any time, anywhere in the world.

As someone who has personally completed hundreds of security reviews at this point, I know we’re also reducing burnout and freeing employees from spending countless nights and weekends dealing with them. Numerous customers have told us that SecurityPal was directly responsible for helping them build less contentious work-place relationships and also helped them spend more time with family and friends without the dread and stress of a strenuous time-bounded task hanging over their heads.

This dual impact on businesses and people alike is what motivates us every day.  

When I set out to build SecurityPal from my apartment, I could have never imagined the impact that it would have thus far and I truly want to thank our customers, investors, advisors, and friends for joining us on this journey. I would also like to give a special shout out to the hundreds that have joined us on our mission across delivery, customer success, engineering, sales, operations and the courageous leaders in our organization who are playing the long game and putting customers first.

With their unyielding support and years of runway ahead of us, I know that we are only just getting started.

Thank you and if you want to join us and our yeti on this mission, please ping me at or I am happy to grab coffee near our Salesforce tower offices in San Francisco.  

SecurityPal is the fastest platform for completing the Security Questionnaires that so often hold up valuable revenue. Founded by Pukar C. Hamal – whose personal experience with Questionnaires inspired the company’s human-centric approach – SecurityPal helps companies breeze through Questionnaires so they can put the focus back on revenue.

Learn more about us, career opportunities, and how you can join our legion of customers carving a faster, simpler path to revenue at or you can get started by booking a meeting today.

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Pukar C. Hamal
Chief Executive Officer