March 6, 2024

Assurance and Trust as a Catalyst: The Launch of the SecurityPal Council

At SecurityPal, our mission transcends the conventional boundaries of security and compliance. Technological progress is accelerating at an unprecedented rate, and cybersecurity and GRC (governance, risk, and compliance) professionals are the guardians of progress, ensuring that innovation thrives in a secure and trusted environment.

SecurityPal is joining forces with industry leaders in Security, GRC, and GTM (go-to-market) to redefine how companies deliver customer assurance. SecurityPal’s category-defining all-in-one platform combines comprehensive software solutions, robust integrations, and nuanced AI technology. However, we don’t stop there. Modern security, GRC, and privacy challenges are complex and require more human expertise, not less. That’s why we supercharge the technology with the deep expertise of our certified human security analyst team at our 24/7 Security Operations Command Center (SOCC), setting a new standard for how companies complete security reviews on the sell-side and buy-side.

Today, we are thrilled to unveil the SecurityPal Council, a groundbreaking program that epitomizes our commitment to our vision and mission. This strategic assembly of industry leaders marks a pivotal moment in our journey, enabling collaborative innovation and expertise sharing at the intersection of security, GRC, and GTM. I’m proud to share that our Council Membership includes leaders from some of the world’s fastest-growing and most innovative companies, such as OpenAI, Snap Inc., MongoDB, Perforce Software, Inc., Contentstack, and Orum.

“SecurityPal is a vital resource to our teams — helping us maintain deal velocity and providing valuable insights to drive business initiatives,” says Rolland Miller, VP of Security and Compliance at Orum. “SecurityPal has supported our growth for more than two years, and we look forward to sharing insights and collaborating with other security industry leaders to contribute to solutions in the SecurityPal Council.”

The Vision Behind the Council

Commercial transactions are a vital pillar of technological and societal progress. They fuel innovation and drive growth. However, commercial transactions face headwinds due to the complex and ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity, GRC, privacy, and legal. The mounting risks and threats have led to a litany of proportional regulatory responses from different regions around the world, such as the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act), PDPA (Personal Data Protection Act), DPA (Data Protection Act) and more. The bar is higher than ever for companies seeking to win customer trust through superior assurance and to appropriately assess their third- and fourth-party vendors and partners.

“We started working with SecurityPal three years ago to address our growing demand for security questionnaires,” stated Gal Oppenheimer, Global Senior Director of Solutions Architects at Contentstack. “SecurityPal has become a true partner in general sales requests and TPRM. I am proud to be a member in SecurityPal's Council, and honored to help them and us stay at the cutting edge of the ever evolving security landscape through powerful insights and collaboration with other security leaders.”

This need for industry peers to be assured of a commitment to security, privacy, and compliance is essential to building trust, enhancing brand reputation, and securing today's vulnerable environments. With this in mind, there's a pressing need for a collaborative approach to delivering lasting and continuous customer assurance – a critical differentiator in today’s trust-seeking world.

A Community - The First of its Kind that Combines Security, GRC, and Revenue

“SecurityPal is an integral partner across multiple MongoDB teams and functions,” says Lena Smart, CISO at MongoDB. “As a member of the SecurityPal Council, I’m looking forward to collaborating with exceptional industry peers to streamline the security review process and shape future solutions that will empower security teams at some of the most innovative companies in the world.”

The SecurityPal Council marks a pivotal moment in an industry-wide move towards delivering assurance. We are building the world's first community that combines Security, GRC, and Revenue expertise. We aim to work as a community with the Council to pioneer a new approach to conducting business in an increasingly Security- and GRC-conscious world.

A Focus on Mentorship, Professional Development, and Exclusive Networking Opportunities

“Because Perforce acquires businesses to support our growth, our security posture is complex and constantly evolving.” Christopher Gerg, CISO at Perforce Software, says. “We partnered with SecurityPal in 2022 to launch 11 Knowledge Libraries that serve as a single source of truth for our security posture. Due to the success of this program, we’re now rolling out a Customer Assurance Profile to reflect the strength of our security posture at a glance. SecurityPal has been a trusted and invaluable partner to us, and we’re looking forward to deepening our partnership through their Council.”

More than a typical user community, the SecurityPal Council is a forward-looking strategic endeavor that seeks to reshape our perspective on creating enterprise value, fostering growth, and driving advancement within the context of tectonic shifts in cybersecurity, GRC, and privacy. The Council serves as an interactive forum for leaders navigating the confluence of these growth impediments. Together, they tackle the task of ensuring customer confidence and securing trust on a large scale.

As we integrate the Council’s insights into SecurityPal’s strategy, we reaffirm our commitment to a participatory approach to innovation, where every member’s contribution is valued and impactful. This initiative is a testament to our dedication to engaging with the broader community in our shared vision.


Stay tuned for further updates, insights, and innovations from the SecurityPal Council as we advance in our mission to shape a safer digital world together.

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Pukar C. Hamal
Chief Executive Officer