November 1, 2022

Build A Revenue Flywheel With Lightning-fast Deal Cycles

Last weekend I did something fairly boring: I shopped for a new pair of jeans. Before you’re wondering if you’ve clicked the wrong link, stick with me for a second.

Post-pandemic, every purchase seems to start at our fingertips and end at our doorstep. And while there are plenty of things I love getting delivered (groceries, dog toys, dinner), I went to a brick and mortar store without a second thought.

I wasn’t exactly the only person there – it was buzzing.

Lots of companies sell jeans. I could’ve opted for joggers instead. But I didn’t – and here’s where we bring it back – because the sales experience is as important as what I’m actually buying. It’s just as true for B2B companies as it is for individuals.

Prospect Pitfalls In The Enterprise

Enterprise deal cycles are notoriously long and complex because of the number of stakeholders involved – often more than 11, according to Gartner. By the time procurement joins the conversation, your champion may already be too fatigued by the back-and-forth to close the deal (or could easily close with a competitor).

As the number of B2B stakeholders has grown, so too has the complexity of the Security Review process vendors submit themselves to as their customers look to shield themselves from 3rd-party data breaches.

Revenue and Security teams need to build reputations for a swift, painless sales experience to rise above competitors (think AWS, Cloudflare, Figma).

Foundations For A Referral-worthy Experience

Selling a product so well that your customers recommend it to their friends and colleagues is tough. There’s plenty of data sales and revenue teams need to have at their fingertips as table stakes: average deal length by segment and by stage, for example, to understand where and why opportunities are stalling. Referral-worthy sellers are also tailoring the sales cycle by prospect size (i.e. employee count) to meet expectations of a fast-moving but thorough process.

Sales teams shouldn’t just tailor the experience though; they need to roadmap the process for prospects so they know what to expect. One way to do this – and preempt questions that could throw a wrench in the deal – is to proactively signal a strong Security Posture and response plan to procurement and vendor management teams.

SecurityPal helps companies breeze through the Security Review process with a human-in-the-loop approach capable of taking on the gnarliest Reviews with enterprise-grade speed and answer quality. That way you can focus on creating raving fans of your business that can not only speak to your product’s value, but also its ease of acquisition and onboarding.

Seamless customer acquisition is critical when working with upmarket prospects, where an unexpected or last-minute Security Review can jeopardize months or even years of work. Faced with a 1000-question Review that can’t be deflected away, you essentially have two options: taking it on yourself ( adding weeks to the deal) or partnering with SecurityPal, an authority on completing enterprise and Fortune 500 Questionnaires.

Streamlining the Security Review process can – in combination with more personalization across the deal cycle – create a revenue flywheel driven by raving fans who share a common desire for a product that’s as easy to acquire as it is impactful. We all want to provide products our customers love. That starts with a sales experience – and a Security Review process – that customers choose and double down on every step of the way.

Curious what SecurityPal can do for you? Book a meeting with us today.

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