December 8, 2023

Introducing SecurityPal Assurance Profile: Streamlined Security Review Workflows

Since SecurityPal’s inception, our mission has been to empower our customers by streamlining security review and security questionnaire workflows. We have focused on saving you precious time while minimizing the back-and-forth typically associated with these processes and accelerating customer assurance on your way to faster and more durable growth.

Over the years, we’ve observed a variety of trust landing page solutions entering the market, all promising to streamline the security questionnaire process. The underlying assumption was simple: share your trust landing page and bypass the need for security questionnaires.

While some solutions have displayed security & GRC information well, they have yet to quite hit the mark on eliminating the need for a complete security review or questionnaire. Far from simplifying the process, trust landing pages have sometimes added layers of complexity and confusion, slowing down the completion of security questionnaires. We have found that while smaller companies (SMBs) may be content to assess a company’s security posture via a landing page or "data room," larger organizations, especially those with dedicated GRC and security teams, continue to insist on a more traditional and thorough security review process; one that includes a formal security questionnaire process.

These questions and insights brought us to a pivotal question:

Is it possible to simultaneously deflect security questionnaire requests while ensuring the critical requests are rapidly completed with the support of SecurityPal's state-of-the-art white-glove Questionnaire Concierge™ service?

The answer is a resounding yes!

Assurance Profile: Customized Profile To Communicate Security & GRC Assurance

Today, we are excited to unveil the Assurance Profile, a public-facing security and GRC page designed to put you firmly in control. Customize your security and GRC narrative, and share precisely what you choose to share, all under your brand style guide. With full white-label capabilities, you can align the Assurance Profile’s look and feel with your branding, logo, and color scheme.

For those seeking deeper insights or further clarification, the Assurance Profile enables users to quickly search and access vetted, approved answers — a content pool that our expert team of Security Analysts helps you update and refine regularly. Additionally, current or prospective customers can request access to specific "private" documents, evidence, and artifacts through a straightforward form at the end of the page. The form includes a simple "click-wrap" NDA flow, ensuring a swift, seamless process for all parties involved.

With customizable rules of engagement on the back end, rest assured that SecurityPal will only share requested information upon receiving your explicit approval.

Once approved, each document or artifact shared will have a watermark of the requesting party’s name, email, and other relevant information.

Simplicity, ease, and intuition are at the core of the Assurance Profile experience.

The Assurance Profile Difference: Unique Features and Benefits

Yet, one distinctive and robust feature sets SecurityPal’s Assurance Profile apart — a straightforward "checkbox" (see outlined in green below) for your customers or prospective customers, allowing them to submit a custom security questionnaire, if required, quickly and easily.

This feature integrates seamlessly with the SecurityPal Questionnaire Concierge™ process, ensuring that upon your approval (an automatable process), we immediately commence work on the questionnaire, bringing it to swift completion on your behalf. And, of course, you’ll have the opportunity to review and approve the final document before sending it out.

Here's what you can expect with the Assurance Profile:

  • A 10%-30% reduction in Security Questionnaire volume (depending on your target market)
  • A faster security questionnaire turnaround, with an average time saving of 1-5 days, thanks to the instantaneous engagement of SecurityPal’s Questionnaire Concierge™ white-glove service right from the Assurance Profile
  • A highly strategic piece of content & collateral to help the security & GRC team own and control the customer assurance narrative

In conclusion, the Assurance Profile is more than just a landing page. It’s the front door to a complete solution meticulously designed to enhance your ability to deliver high-quality and fast customer assurance while streamlining your security workflow like never before.

Please reach out to learn more about how Assurance Profile can help your security & GRC organization. You can see a live example by visiting SecurityPal's Assurance Profile.

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Pukar C. Hamal
Chief Executive Officer