May 4, 2023

SecurityPal Hosts OWASP Foundation Kathmandu Chapter

Earlier this year, SecurityPal unveiled our state-of-the-art SOC 2 certified Security Operations Command Center (SOCC) in Kathmandu alongside the US Ambassador to Nepal. Our launch underscored our great investments and the infrastructure we have built to handle security questionnaires and security review requests from our growing global customer base. Our customers have been impressed with the caliber of talent we have brought on to support their endeavors. Additionally, we are excited to help close the cybersecurity talent gap. In fact, given the broader shortage of cybersecurity talent globally, we are thrilled to be able to contribute positively to industry challenges.

On April 22nd, we hosted the Open Worldwide Application Security Platform's (OWASP) Kathmandu chapter at our SOCC headquarters. OWASP is a globally renowned and recognized organization operated by The OWASP® Foundation, which works to improve software security through its community-led open-source software projects. They have 288 chapters worldwide, 114 chapters in Asia alone, and tens of thousands of members.

We drew over 200 cybersecurity professionals to SecurityPal nationwide for the OWASP Kathmandu Chapter event. We helped provide exposure to a globally renowned group of sponsors such as Salesforce, Adobe, KPMG, F5, Datadog, GitLab, Tenable, and more.

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) presented novel techniques for avoiding data breaches, the critical role of GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance) in improving the organization-wide security posture, and best practices for safeguarding sensitive personal data. Our very own Information Security Lead, Samir Gautam, spoke about compliance teams' crucial role as the backbone of a robust systems-based approach to security management.

Attendees also participated in a panel discussion comparing how Security Research Analysts and GRC Analysts would view a security incident, something our team of over 200 analysts is more than qualified to speak on. It was a great and fun way to spend Saturday morning for our team, and we even got some strong participation from our weekend-only customer operations team.

And, of course, an event could only be complete with a friendly competition. SecurityPal and OWASP organized a Capture-the-Flag style cybersecurity exercise where participants had to identify vulnerabilities in a program designed by our team. As a reward, we're sending the two winners to THREAT CON 2023, a Google, Microsoft, and Cobalt sponsored Security Conference happening in the heart of Kathmandu this coming September.

It's exhilarating and rewarding to support the array of cybersecurity professionals at our SOCC home base in Kathmandu who want to network, advance their skill sets, or identify specialties to explore further. We look forward to hosting future industry events and supporting the global talent base that has helped us scale to answer over one million customer security questions.  

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Pukar C. Hamal
Chief Executive Officer