November 15, 2023

SecurityPal is going to the APEC CEO Summit USA 2023

I am honored to be participating at the APEC CEO Summit USA 2023 in San Francisco this week. I have the pleasure of representing SecurityPal and the innovation we are delivering to leading global companies at the intersection of AI, cybersecurity, GRC, and commerce.

Back in 2011, I served on behalf of the U.S. Department of State as the Economic Liaison Officer to Taiwan for the APEC High-Level Policy Dialogue on Women and the Economy in San Francisco.

This week I get to participate from a different vantage point.

APEC - Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation is an inter-governmental forum established in 1989 to promote free trade throughout the Asia-Pacific region. The US is bringing together 21 member economies to focus on the shared goal of creating a more open, resilient, sustainable, and peaceful future for the Asia-Pacific.

The theme is "Creating Economic Opportunity" through sustainability, inclusion, resilience, and innovation. Ideas close to SecurityPal's heart.

Here are some things top of my mind as I approach this week:

1) A gold rush is happening in San Francisco right now and the city is on the global stage. This city is the home and leading region for AI innovation once again, and there's a huge opportunity for up-and-coming leaders, executives, and founders who want to build something exciting!

2) I'm long-term bullish about San Francisco. I moved closer to downtown SF in 2022 to be right in the middle of the action. AI innovation is happening here in my backyard, and I'm so proud to have SecurityPal at the center of this global movement as we take a novel approach to building a scaled cybersecurity solution for an AI-native world.

3) Although we are based out of San Francisco, as an immigrant Founder and CEO, I have had a passion for bringing rapid economic progress through the ideas and opportunities we have here in Silicon Valley. From the get-go, we built a truly global workforce to serve a global customer base -- from Japan, Australia, to Europe, and right here in Silicon Valley. Global customers demand resilient, sustainable (financially and environmentally), and innovative solutions that are inclusive of robust and global market participants. Our transformative SecurityPal SOCC (Security Operations Command Center) facility in Kathmandu, Nepal has had an incredible impact on the ecosystem thanks to the help from leaders at the American Chamber of Commerce in Nepal and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

4) Although the focus is on member economies of the Pacific Rim, this event is an opportunity for every organization that wants access to these rich and thriving markets. The Pacific Ocean is a massive platform for commerce and economic progress. However, there is a bigger ocean that connects this part of the world to all of us. The internet; is an undeniable "digital ocean" that is still in its early days. One where the risk and opportunities have increased by several orders of magnitude; demanding great leadership.

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Pukar C. Hamal
Chief Executive Officer