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Adam Surak
VP Infrastructure & Security
Before discovering SecurityPal our security team spent 40% of their time with Security Questionnaires and not improving the security of our company. The increased bandwidth and improved morale make the ROI of SecurityPal a no-brainer for any quickly growing business.
Daisy Chung
Director of Sales
Security Questionnaires became a pain in the very beginning. We didn't have the bandwidth really to fill them out in a timely manner. It would take days to go back and forth to get the questions answered, confirm the right answers and double check. All that fun stuff. It would delay our deals by quite some time. Now with SecurityPal, forecasting is a lot more precise. We are able to see what's happening with the deal because we know exactly when we can get these Security Questionnaires back. It's simple and delivers.
Dev Akhawe
Head of Security
SecurityPal is easily one of the best investments we have made. Their turnaround time, due diligence and customer service is second to none. They have quickly demonstrated comprehension of our security program and help us explain it to our customers. This has allowed our security team to focus on high-leverage investments in security and our sales team to win more customers faster.