February 13, 2024

Strengthening cybersecurity through CISO-CIO relations

Exploring the Crucial CISO and CIO Partnership for Robust Cybersecurity

In the debut episode of “In Security”, we talk with Chris Cruz, Public Sector Chief Information Officer at Tanium.

With 30 years leading security in the public sector, Chris has received several prestigious accolades: the State Technology Innovator of the Year Award from NASCIO, the County Executive Leaders of the Year distinction from StateScoop, and the Vision and Innovation in Government Award from Government Technology.

In this episode, Chris shares his insights on the pivotal CISO-CIO relationship, navigating cyber risks, and tackling the challenges of remote work and AI in cybersecurity.


The "In Security" podcast, hosted by Pukar C. Hamal, CEO of SecurityPal, offers deep dives into the dynamic realm of security, governance, risk, and compliance (GRC). Featuring conversations with top industry executives and leaders, this series sheds light on the pivotal strategies, emerging trends, and compelling narratives shaping the digital landscape of security and GRC. Tune in for strategies and stories driving our digital age.

Watch the episode below:

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